Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long over due post!

What is the quote? "Life happens when you are busy planning other things" Something like that! Well that is my excuse for not writing a blog entry in forever! It has been well over half a year. Snikes!

Since my last entry all three children have been growing and changing. Zach celebrated his 5th year of life October 17th. Of course being my Zach it was a huge lego celebration with many friends in attendance. Next month Zachary graduates from preschool and in the fall will begin his journey through kindergarten. He is growing up so quickly! I really need to find away to slow time down. Brianna for months and months has been anticipating her 4th birthday. May 12th she will be bringing in her birthday princess style with friends and family attending her royal princess tea party. Everyday she asks "Mommy you come to my birthday party" :-) Makes me smile every time her sweet voice says that! Bri has loved preschool and right now we plan on her being there for 2 more years. Jackson is our big baby boy now. Says Dada and Mama. Weighs a whopping 22lbs 6oz and is adored by his older siblings. His first birthday is all too rapidly approaching in June!

Zachary is not the only one graduating this spring. Denny will be graduating from COTC with honors in June. No words can express how proud I am of his achievements. Being a father, running Fink's Construction and attending college in Newark has been no easy task. But he has accomplished great grades still!

While busy raising children, maintaining the home and loving my hubby I have also been blessed by operating Beloved Images. It is very much my 4th child. I have met some great people by photographing them. Lots of repeat clients has allowed me to really get know the people I am serving. I hope that Beloved Images over time can grow into a full time income.I learn something new almost every photo shoot. Some might call me a MWAC (mother with a camera) but if that is how I've picked this trade up, then I am honored to be called that.

Well that is enough bragging and sharing for now. I will try to update this a lot sooner next time, but do not hold me to that! Enjoy a few pictures of the kiddos.

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