Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harvest Memories!

 Today we spent a crisp afternoon at the Darr pumpkin patch and corn maze!
 Autumn is my favorite season of all! For one I love to dress up in costumes, thankfully my children do too. Meet Lady Bug Brianna and The Zachster Rock Star.
 Choosing a pumpkin is always so much fun. Year after year we return here in search for the perfect pumpkin to carve! Denny and I started coming here as newlyweds, 5 years ago.
Our day ended with lunch at McDonald's, which is next to the patch and maze. I said "I love family time like this" and Zach's instant reply was "I love it too" Days like today are what memories and long time family traditions are made of. Someday when my kids are grown and have children of their own I bet they too will spend a cool, sunny, fall day at a pumpkin patch and corn maze with their children.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ride Buddy

 Zach and Bri take on the Coshocton County Fair
Zach's and Bri's age difference did not happen unplanned. We wanted another baby after Zach and we were blessed with the news another baby was on the way only a couple months before his first birthday. They are only days short of 19 months apart. They literally are growing up together. Once shortly after having Bri I heard someone said "She has 2 under the age of 2" and put that way it sounded awful and kind of scary! However it is anything but that. Sure they fight just as all siblings do, that is unavoidable. But they are each other's ride buddy. They are on this ride we call life together, they have a buddy no matter what.

Denny and I beamed with pride as we watched Zach and Bri conquer each ride together at our county fair this week. How rewarding to watch them mature and grow. For sometime we have wanted another baby to add to our Fink Family, but as I watched my two cutie pies on the rides together I couldn't help but think how great we have it right now. Where would a third baby fit now? They would be a good 3 years or more younger than their other siblings. They wouldn't have a ride buddy :-( So now (for the moment being) I am happy to say I'm completely happy with our family of four. If God someday blesses this Fink Family with one more child I will be thrilled! However, I'm satisfied if my little ride buddies are it, their is no empty void in our live's. Besides if I spend my time wanting and waiting for another blessing from above, I will miss out on my ride with the two beautiful blessings I've already been given.

Friday, October 1, 2010

One Year Homecoming Day

Shortly after I began dating the man that I know call my husband he told me that I couldn't take a bad picture. If he only knew. When I was preteen age I stopped smiling for pictures, any pictures, including my school picture. My Grandpa on the phone told me that if I didn't smile in pictures he wouldn't be able to tell if I was happy. He wanted his eldest Grandchild happy! I have so many fond memories with my Grandpa, he and my Grandma have made sure of that. They spoiled my sister and I with lots of love.

Grandpa had a long drawn out summer of suffering last year. We all knew his time to leave this world was coming fast. Last September I went to NY and visited with him from his hospital bed side. I kissed his sweet glowing bald head one final time and held his dear withering hand for a few last moments, knowing it was my goodbye. After this visit I waited I knew with every phone call update soon one would be "the one"

On October 1st which in my family marks my Father's birthday I got the call. It was morning, maybe 8ish. I was sitting in this very spot. The moment I saw the caller id and heard my Fathers broken voice I knew. I hung up in a mixture of emotions. Joy for his battle was finally over and grief because I would have kept him forever and maybe even a little laughter because Grandpa got to pick on his son in law one last time by leaving on October 1st.
Just then through my dining room I saw to blue colored cardinals, I rarely see them here. They sat on a phone line or power cord. One flew away. I found that as a sign that he was gone. Grandpa had flown away from his pain on this earth, yes he was leaving behind those he loved, but he would expect one thing from us. A smile, so as he peaks down from heaven he can tell that we are happy.

I love you Grandpa!!!!!!! Happy Homecoming Day, I'll be smiling for you........