Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to our family blog!

I've had my All Brianna's Style blog since March but that revolves so much around tutus, bows, tea parties, fashion shows etc. With this blog I hope people can get to know our family more! There is Denny my best friend and husband of 5 years this coming May! He has his own construction and plumbing buisness, also known as Fink's Construction and Plumbing. Need a drain cleaned, deck built, tiling, dry name it and he can do it! He also has returned to college! He is in his second quarter at COTC. His favorite hobby is golf, which during the warmer seasons sometimes leaves me feeling like a golf widower! However, since the arrival of our two lovely children, Zachary and Brianna, he has really skimmed back on the golfing. Zachary is our eldest. He is 3 years old caught in the middle of being a toddler but almost preschooler. I've heard him say he wants to be many things when he grows up, including a fireman and pastor. I guess we'll just wait and see! Brianna will be 2 in May. She has me wrapped around her finger! All she has to do is flash me a smile and my heart melts. She is also my little hero! I love my family through and through, yesterday, today and tomorrow too :-) Then there is me! I'm a proud stay at home mom but that's not all. As I semi stated before I am the creator (owner) of All Brianna's Style. It's my hobby that somewhat gives me some extra money. Truthfully I often spend the money made on more items for tutus, bows etc. Having All Brianna's Style makes me feel less ordinary, it is my outlet and way to get some recognition outside of being a mom and wife. I feel so proud when I walk into church and see more than one girl wearing my fashions! Also it helps me raise awarness to amniotic band syndrome too. Which I love that! This will be my first of many posts!