Monday, September 20, 2010


This past Saturday night I had two friends over for a 80's Girls We dressed in fashions from the time, posed for silly pictures, rocked to 80's music and watched movies from that time. We lasted into the Sunday morning hours! Which is something I never do since becoming a mommy. We laughed and even cried it was a great girl time. There's something so relaxing about escaping with other woman. This time it was with two other moms, who have kids close to the same age as my own and are both married. However there are times I like to escape with friends that have nothing in common such as husband or children. It's so great to spend time with them as well and hear what all is going on in their lives. Two very good friends come to mind quickly when I say that! I think they would know who they are while reading this. I enjoy sharing in their live's. I love all my girlfriends! Each so unique and special and adding to my life! I'm thankful that MOPS has helped me meet so many terrific and priceless women. A woman needs good gal pals in their life. I'm over joyed to say I have many of them and I am truly blessed by that! Earlier I said we laughed and even cried at our 80's night. I'm so happy there are numerous women placed in my life that I can have those two extremes with! I cried as I shared about our pregnancy losses, specifically the baby we lost in December. It was so theraputic to do so. With women that wouldn't judge but would listen and truly cared. There is no way to explain what friendship is worth. But I do have a verse that sits framed by my coffee pot that says well how it should be valued: Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times" So to all my many girlfriends out there know I value our friendship so much and I love ya!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Respect your elders

I was raised up with the mind set you respect your elders, even the grumpy ones. Let's face it there are some grumps. I don't know why I'm always so surprised when I encounter one. They have most likely always been that way or perhaps started out kind hearted but life hardened them over time. Often I just assume when I see a grandmother figure that they are sweet, kind and tender hearted. I am left baffled when they are rude or cruel.
What happened today that I am even writing about such a subject? Our family had a chance to visit Wellsville New York this weekend. In Wellsville resides most of my family, including my dear Grandma. We had a wonderful weekend visit and today headed home with our little munchkins. We stopped at a rest area just inside the Ohio border. My little tots and Mommy took a trip to the restroom. I of course used the large stall since there were three of us and all the other smaller stalls were being used. Bri went first while she was on the potty I noted the stall had no toilet paper so by then the other stall opened up and I grabbed enough toilet paper for us. After the kids were finished I took my turn. When I opened the door to our stall an elderly woman with a walker now stood there. I offered a meaningful sorry for her wait. Only for her to accussingly gripe to me that we had no buisness being in there! I was at a loss for words. I just hurried the kids to the sink and proceeded to wash hands. While at the sink another older woman was kind to us and fussed over my children and talked about traveling with her grandkids. All the while inside I was still shaken by the woman with the walker. I knew we had done nothing wrong. There was no sign saying that stall was handicap only. Often the larger stalls even carry changing tables for little kiddos. The only peace I found was as we got miles down the road when I realized the grumpy old lady went to the bathroom stall with no toilet paper! I felt a little better after that thought. Just a side note: If she had not been so rude I bet I would have remembered to mention there was no toilet paper in the stall!