Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat!

 One of the many things I enjoy as a parent is taking our kiddos trick or treating.
 For the last few years I have been making our costumes. It is a fun challenge, that is very rewarding. I lost count of how many people fussed over Zach's hand made Lego costume. It was simple to make. One box, some ribbon, hot glue, yogurt containers and spray paint. Much cheaper than the generic costumes you find on the store shelf.
 Brianna and Zachary loved visiting Roscoe Village for Trick or Treat. They even went down a couple streets near by our home. This was a first for them.
 We also attended Trunk or Treat at our church. Last year I started the tradition of our family having a costume theme. I think our "good" pirates (that's what Zach called us) were well liked. The entire family had a blast. We even decorated our van to match the theme. I know some other christians are against celebrating Halloween but for us it's a time of honest to goodness FUN! Nothing wrong with that :-)
Now that the Halloween season has drawn to a close for another year it is time to focus on my favorite holiday of them all THANKSGIVING!

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