Friday, July 8, 2011

The wait is over

Our precious new bundle, Jackson Fink has been home with us for 2 weeks now. He decided to come a couple weeks before his due date of July 5th, that was a welcomed treat! Moments after his long birth (29 hours of labor!) I remember saying to him over and over, "we've waited 2 long years for you and you were worth all the wait". After trying for months in 2009 we had suffered a devastating miscarriage right at Christmas time, followed by a few months of healing physically and emotionally we were followed by more trying, praying, and asking for months. With many bumps in the road and the answers being no each month finally a pregnancy and baby that stuck! While we mourned the baby lost I know deep down that had we not lost our little angel baby I would not be holding our precious Jackson in my arms right now or ever. Isn't it great how God knew what he was doing! While at times waiting was too much to bare,looking back it was all worth the wait.

We love you baby Jackson! You have completed our family and are such a precious gift from above.

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and once more having a plan for us.

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